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Rental Policies
Rental Agreement (PDF)


- Three-story house on 12 hillside acres
6 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
- Country Kitchen
- Dining & Living Room areas
- Furnished with Italian Antiques
- On-site Laundry Facilities
- Accommodates groups of up to 12 guests
- Parking and spacious grounds for outdoor activities
- Centrally located in the heart of Tuscany
- Minutes from the medieval walled city of Lucca.

About The Tuscan Farm Villa & it's Owners

American born, yet, Italian in every way, is how I would describe my upbringing in Santa Cruz, California. My mother Antionette Olivieri, was Genovesse, born of immigrant Italians from the fishing families of Riva Trigoso and Sestri Levante, Italy. My father, Lino Vannucchi, was Toscano, first generation Italian, and came to America after World War II to visit his sister, Vanda. Lino and Vanda were from the Italian farming families that migrated to the west coast of California, from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. I grew up in my grandparent's home with my mother, father and two sisters. My first language was Italian, and I spent most of my adolescent years wishing it was not! Years ago, it was not "cool" to be of a different culture. Today, I feel privileged and proud of my heritage and take enormous pride in passing on to others what I have learned.

One of my Italian legacies is the farmhouse that I, along with my cousins Louie and Norma Iacopi, were so blessed to inherit!

When my father, Lino Vannucchi, came to this country, he left behind a brother, Renato, and a sister, Dora, who stayed to work as farmers in what we now call the Tuscan Farm Villa. They grew apples, cherries, figs, pears, peaches, nuts, olives, and of course - grapes. They had a small vineyard where they harvested and processed the grapes in the "cantina" which is still in use today.

When I was 16 years old, I took my first trip to Italy. At that time, the farmhouse was still in "full swing"! In addition to their agricultural pursuits, my aunt and uncle raised rabbits and chickens - a very natural existence, which allowed them to live to 89 and 95 years of age! The food Zia Dora prepared from what appeared to be nothing and was absolutely incredible - homegrown from their garden and their farmyard animals. It was the best food I have ever had!

Four years ago, I decided to go on an adventure. I had this three-story farmhouse on approximately 12 acres of land that was in need of care and maintenance. My cousins and I discovered that many people were interested in visiting the Tuscan countryside, so we decided to offer the farmhouse as a vacation rental. For many years, all bookings were done by "word of mouth". Today, we offer these accommodations to you!

The Tuscan Farm Villa has a very special place in our hearts. It is of simple design and extremely comfortable. The villa is also in a fabulous location in Italy, surrounded by bicycling and hiking trails, with excursions in every direction! Sitting in the farmhouse with a good book, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Italian countryside is a truly appealing way to spend an afternoon as well.

The ability of the Italian people to slow down and enjoy family and friends is very apparent in Gattaiola, as it is in all of Italy. This land is precious to the Italians. They are nourished by its soil and are extremely creative in utilizing every part of it. It is a beautiful culture - friendly and welcoming, as I am sure you will learn during your stay in our special home.

Lorina Vannucchi

Lorina Vannucchi, Louie Iacopi & Norma Iacopi
Tuscan Farm Villa