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Tuscan Farm Villa
598 Via della Chiesa
Gattaiola, Lucca, Italy

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Description: The Tuscan Farm Villa is located in the Tuscan hillside area of Gattaiola, approximately 5 minutes from the 16th century ramparts of Lucca in northern Tuscany.

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Driving Directions:
From Piazzale Verdi in Lucca at the west end of the ramparts (where the bus station is located), take Via Gaetano Luporini southwest to Via San Donato and cross the Firenze-Mare Autostrada (A11). The road will split and you will need to veer to the left onto Via Ponte Salissimo. Via Ponte Salissimo will run directly into Via dei Poncioni (turn Right) then a quick left - the road will still be Via Ponte Salissimo. Continue until the road veers to the right and becomes Via per Gattaiola - which will become Via della Chiesa. Take Via della Chiesa towards the village of Urbani. The Tuscan Farm Villa is at 598 Via della Chiesa - the driveway will be on your right approximately a quarter mile down the road and is bordered on each side by cypress trees.

* Please note that many roads in Tuscany are poorly marked and difficult to navigate. It may be easier to simply take the bus to Gattaiola or ask your taxi driver to take you to "Ristorante Meati" - a local landmark.